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 July Musky Bait Sale
$2.00 ON SALE-Limited Qty

Lake Trout Specials     $3.50

BASS Poppers   $3.99

 PANFISH SNACKS $2.95 pack of 3

WORM RIG    $2.29


                                                            WOUNDED MINNOW        $2.40

 We offer 7 different kits for variations of types of flies, 

please check out these kits on Page 3 of the Spinner Flies

Trout Spinner Flies, a number one lure for catching trout

Each kit comes with a compartment plastic box

                        $15.00 per kit

BUMBLE BEE - Size 8 - NO TREBLES - #3 Swing Blade

                               $1.95  ON SALE

Limited Supply


Size 1/64 oz 

2 Jig Heads - 6 Poly Grubs- 1 1/4"


$1.95 per pack 

 Mini Wooly Worm Patterns        NEW

Spinner Flies with single hooks, size 8

used for delayed harvest fishing 

and those areas that require single hooks

Weight approx 1/12 oz

#1 French type spinner blade

Polished Brass Finish

                                                             $2.39                                                       DEALERS WELCOME

     If you are looking for affordable, unique, fresh water fishing lures, then you have come to the place where you can find most everything you need.  Whether you are using a fly rod or spinning rod, we cater to all types of fishermen.  We offer a large selection of lures for trout, bass, crappie, pan fish, musky, pike, etc. 
     Jerry's Flies' goal is to produce top quality lures which are easily used and allow you to have an enjoyable day in the great outdoors, doing what you love best, FISHING. 
     Jerry's Flies has been producing, field testing, and distributing these lures for 40 years throughout various areas of the USA and some foreign countries.
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