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Jerry's Flies mission is to provide field tested legendary quality fresh water fishing lures, in-line spinner flies, dry flies, streamers, trolling flies, flutter bugs, weighted spinners, hackle jigs, super minnow, casting spoons, spinner combinations, top water poppers, count down lures and much more for your productive fresh water fishing.

"Stop Dreaming of catching the big fresh water fish---Use Jerry's Fishing Lures to catch your daily catch and make your dream come true." Jerry's fresh water lures provide you a way to excite, hook and land those monsters each time you are serious about catching fish. Knowing that you have the versatility to attract multi-species of fish on just one fly or lure from the large and ever changing extensive product line of flies and lures from Jerry's Flies and Lures.

Cast effortlessly in your favorite fresh water stream, troll in that special lake location or during times the waters are frozen maybe jig - Jerry's flies and lures are the superior fresh water baits to attract fish. Vary your retrieve speeds with an occasional jig or even a life-like swimming motion from side to side or a stop and go motion to to entice, hook and land that monster that you have been after for years.

Passion for fishing is the main purpose showing you the large array of fresh water fishing tackle, lures and flies - all lab developed, field tested in actual streams and lakes through-out the United States and Canada by many PRO Fishermen and Fishing Guides that are on the water each day, then produced by Jerry Davis and staff at Jerry's Flies.

Jerry Davis - Owner of

26 1/2" Brown Trout Caught on #793 Matuka Spinner Fly

Look at the many different flies and lures that Jerry's Flies suggest to catch each species of fresh water fish. Jerry's legendary flies and lures has always been proven to be multi-species baits and very versatile. Jerry's flies and lures has always been proven to entice those monsters out of their hiding place of ambush then provide a superior hooking ability to land your catch of the day. Jerry's Flies has given a variety of colors and sizes of flies and lures to fish any water condition that you may encounter. Jerry's has been a proven leader in development and superior legendary quality for more that a quarter of a century.

Hey, why pay those big prices when you can buy quality baits at affordable prices?
Jerry's Flies is a small family-owned operation, we keep our overhead cost low and pass that savings on to you, the consumer, so you can save money!

Big bait companies have to charge more for baits to pay for their very large overhead costs, which translates into ridiculously over-priced baits!

Did you ever believe you would live to see a crank bait being sold for $9.99? Who can afford that?

Jerry's Flies understands the average American can't afford to pay such high prices for lures, so we keep our overhead cost low, so we can charge you less!

The winner of the 2013 SIX PACK of our new top water poppers that was given away as a door prize drawing at the GOTCHA OUTDOOR SHOW was Billy Moss of Crownpoint, Indiana.
Winner: 2012 winner was Sean Drexler Manteno, Illinois

"How About This Little Guy - 25" Rainbow Trout"

Throughout the year as different conditions change with the melting of the snow, warming of the water and insect hatches that occur during the year, the different types of fishing lures play a great part in the successful day of fishing.

With the beginning of the season, as soon as the ice has melted, trout begin feeding on the different types of Spinner Flies, Magnum Spinners, and Flutter Bug Spinners. The depth along with the speed of the retrieve is the greatest factor because of the lack of activity of the trout.

As the first of April approaches, the increase of activity occurs because of the water warming. Along with the spinners, the Simple Simon ,Casting Spoons and Spoon-N-Fly are lures to use throughout the summer months. with force because they represent a Minnow and fish get more aggressive because of the warmer waters.

Fly Fishing Jerry has for the purest fly fishermen the best selection and sizes of fresh water dry flies for any type of weather or condition of water you may be fishing. Different hatches come at different times of the day and season so you must be ready when that happens. Carry only the dry flies that catch fish. Remember dry flies make the trout come to the top. Or for the big trout try the streamer trolling flies by trolling on the lake or deeper waters.

Norm Whitlatch - caught this rainbow at: Wheeling Middle Creek Lake in Ohio County, WV.
Weight was: 9 Lbs. 9 1/2oz : Length 29 1/2 inches : Lure was Jerry's Black Gnat with Size 2 gold blade

Bass Fishing Jerry's Flies has been asked by bass fishermen for special baits to catch bass. With the help of the Pro Fishermen and Full time fishing guides then developed many different top water poppers, minnows, crank baits, crayfish to count down shad, and has added to the always strong line of spinner baits,for bass fishing along with a large array of baits when they just do not want to feed. Bass like to hang at different depths and feed on different type of baits. Be prepared to fish at these different depths if you want to catch the big bass using field tested lures and tackle to get the big bass to react and attack the food you present.
In the spring start your fishing on the NORTH side of the lake, because this side warms up first and the bait fish, minnow, start grouping up and in turn causes the big fish to feed there first. The weeds also start growing on that side first.

Bob Santangelo heads up our mid-west division - where he works closely with our staff, field designing and testing baits before production.

An experienced and well known fishing guide, Bob offers a unique type of service for his area, forty five miles southwest of Chicago.

Bob is known for fly fishing from a boat for hugh Hybrid and Striper bass. One other specialty Bob offers, is wading style fishing, for small and large mouth bass, walleyes, and catfish on the Kankakee River. This area is considered by many to be one of the finest smallmouth fisheries in the State of Illinois.

Kankakee River Valley Guide Service/Owner/Guide/Senior Tackle Design Research & Development Engineer/Midwest Division/

From Bob: Those top water baits of yours are killers! Took 15 smallies from 4 am till the sun broke through and drove the fish deeper.

Channel Catfish Baits

Most people think of the catfish as being a bottom feeder: but this is not true of all catfish, especially the channel catfish, which is a great game fish. After months of field testing with artificial lures, it was shown that the following lures we have designed for a great day of fishing for the channel catfish and flat heads.

Shad Dart Jig / Grub 1/32oz with Tail

People can't believe how well it catches the catfish and they had never seen anyone catch them on this.

This week was another good week for the spoon n minnow for the catfish. This is the BEST bait I have ever used for them and yesterday after the rain , they hit that bait like bulldogs.

It seemed like every other cast, one was hitting it. Biggest was 38" I catch them every day I fish for them on this bait and this is all I use.

These fish are caught at depths from 1 to 5 feet and many strike the bait while it is sinking or as soon as it hits the water.

The best way to check out the depths of the lure is to count down as soon as it hits the water and then start your retrieve. Usually counting to 5 or 8 is the level that these lures produce the best when using them for the channel cat.

These baits may also be used for catching other types of fish, such as trout, bass or panfish. For a great day of fishing, here is the bait for you. Our largest catch to date was a 42" over 30 pound channel catfish which took us over 1 hour to land by using a ten pound test line. It was a great battle and I turned it loose for another day. Great Fun ! ! !

A total of 20 catfish were caught during testing period that were from 29" to 42" long.

Casting Spoons and Jigs Over the years the casting spoons have taken on different combinations to attract fish and Jerry's Flies has changed with the conditions of the yearly environment and habits of the fresh water game fish. Like to use jigs - Jerry's Flies has everything from plain jigs to hackle jigs, etc. for the different times of the year and in an array of colors and styles.

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Fly Fishing, Top Water Fishing, Trolling, Jig Fishing, Bait Casting and More!

Jerry's Flies has a great selection of fishing lures, top water baits, casting lures, spinner flies, spoons, jigs and much more. If you are looking for crappie spinner jigs, then you have come to the right place. Jerry's Flies has many great spinner lures and a large selection of casting lures for fresh water fishing for any type or condition of waters. Throughout our site we have a variety of products including: crappie spinners, sunfish jigs, crank baits for steel head, bass fishing equipment, fishing spoon jigs, bluegill jigs, musky fishing supplies, hump fishing lures, fishing popper rigs, freshwater dry flies, top water fishing bait, trout lures, bass spinner baits, crappie spinner flies and so much more. When it comes to fishing lures and tackle, Jerry's Flies are your experts testing each bait or lure for over 30 years in streams and lakes all over the United States, Canada and most recently in many other parts of the world. Jerry's Flies asks the Pro Fishermen and Guides to give their opinions to help develop the best bait for many areas. Jerry's Flies has the best selection and the widest variety of factory to you low priced fishing lures. If you are looking for online fishing tackle sales, then check out all our vast combination of unique fishing lures in many colors and sizes. If you are going to be fly fishing, we have just the dry flies or streamers in the sizes for you. Whether you are looking for dry flies or wet flies, we have just the products that will help you catch fish. Whether you are fishing from a boat, casting or trolling even fishing from the bank, Jerry's lures will help you get the job done. Any fishing lure, popper, spoon, dry flies, streamers, inline spinner flies, count down lures that you want, that deals with fishing, Jerry's Flies can ship directly to your front door and you do not have to wait in a line that the store or be told that it is not in stock.


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