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" Tennessee Hair Minnow Bass Special "

This is what this spinner lure is being call in Tennessee

Great for all types of bass and many other game fish!

Hair Minnows represents the bumble bee.
Size 1/0 Hook
Excellent bait for the red eye bass in Tennessee.
The spinner is designed to give the bait the necessary attraction for these fish.
You will find that bass will attact hair minnows as well as other fresh water fish.


HM-1 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner Flies - Black . Yellow Body , Black Hair Wing with Red/ Yellow Eye, Red / Yellow Tail  

HM-2 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner Flies - Black / Chartreuse Body with Black Hair Wing , Black / Silver Eye, Black / Chartreuse Tail  

HM-3 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner Flies - Red / Yellow Body with Black Hair Wing, Red Tail  

"Collectors Series" Bass Hair Bug in a Case"
For the fishing fan that also are interested in other Sports


HM - 111 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  

HM - 222 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  

HM - 333 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  

HM - 444 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  

HM - 555 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  

HM - 777 Bass Hair Minnow Spinner COLLECTOR Flies In Plastic Case  
Bass Hair Minnow Spinner Fly - HM - 1

    Description Price
1.   Hair Minnow - Red/Yellow Tail, Black/Yellow Body, Black Hair Wing with Red/Yellow Eye
Item No. HM - 1
2.   Hair Minnow - Black/Chartreuse Tail, Black/Chartreuse Body with Black Hair Wing with Black/Silver Eyes
Item No. HM - 2
3.   Hair Minnow - Red / Yellow
Item No. HM - 3
All prices in US Dollars

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