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Jerry's Flies

     "Where Fishing Begins" Trout and Bass Spinner Flies

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Lures for all types of Fresh Water Fish

Jerry's Flies --- supplies lures for all types of fresh water fish. Lures have been field tested by many to prove they do catch fish. In each type there are many different colors to choose from because of all the variables that occur during the fishing season.

We even offer an artificial lure for the Catfish. It has also been tested, with a 44"   30 pounder, being the largest at this time.

Choose the lure for your type of fish----Spinners, Jig Heads,Ants, or Hard Plastic lure for your type of fishing

For Trout and Bass fishing, the Spinner flies are the lures to use. For Bass the flies a larger, along with the size spinner.

For the Panfish and Crappie another type spinner seems to work better because of the better vibration in the safety pin arrangement. Small jigs and hard body ants can also be used for these type of fish and also great for ice fishing